Business Continuity Plan Model

This one-stop solution package carries out all the essential processes: from generating hydrogen with renewable energy to using it in fuel cells.

Hospitals / Stations / Convenience stores / Public facilities

  • produce PV electricity output : 30kWe hydrogen production : 1 Nm³/h
  • store hydrogen tank storage capacity : 270Nm³ (hydrogen tank 35m³ at 0.8MPa)
  • use electricity storage capacity : 350kWeh ex. provide electricity and hot water for one week to about 300 evacuees

Business Facilities Model

By leveraging renewable energy to the best effect, the system reduces energy costs and also curbs CO2 emissions. During disasters, its status as an independent energy supply facility supports business continuity. Use is not limited to factories and offices—the system can be deployed in locations as varied as ports and harbors, airports, bus terminals, and more.

Factories / Seaports / Bus depots / Airports

  • produce PV electricity output : 250kWe hydrogen production : 30 Nm³/h
  • store hydrogen tank storage capacity : 150Nm³ (hydrogen tank 0.8m³ at 20MPa)
  • use ex. provide hydrogen per day to 10 FC forklifts (10 Nm³/1 FC forklift)

Remote Island Model

Currently, communities on most remote islands rely on high-cost diesel power generation. This is a major problem—and quite a cost. Toshiba’s H2One™ supplies locally produced energy for local consumption, bringing a stable power supply to every location on such islands.

Apartments (Flats), Apartment buildings and condominiums / Hotels and resorts / Concert halls and outdoor arena / Arenas and Stadiums

  • produce wind power : 3.5MWe hydrogen production : 160 Nm³/h
  • store hydrogen tank storage capacity : 28,000Nm³ (hydrogen tank 140m³ at 20MPa , island’s electricity power for 10 days)
  • use ex. hydrogen fuel cell 200kWe can provide electricity and hot water for a year

The Hydrogen Smart Community

Energy management utilizing hydrogen in large cities By combining H2One™ with H2Omega™, a system for large-scale hydrogen storage Toshiba is currently developing, it will be possible to deploy renewable energy still further and to contribute to peak saving. Going forward, we will carry out integrated energy management using the hydrogen EMS(Energy Management System) across entire towns.