From Water, To Water. TOSHIBA Hydrogen Energy

Toshiba is committed to realizing a hydrogen economy in which hydrogen produced
with zero carbon emissions using a renewable source of energy is fully utilized.
We are endeavoring to develop technologies and products that will help
produce, store, transport and use hydrogen more efficiently in various situations.


Japan’s energy problem

  • Low energy self-sufficiency rate

    Low energy self-sufficiency rate

    33rd of the 34 OECD members

    IEA Energy Balance of OECD Countries 2013

  • Unsatisfactory CO2 emissions

    Unsatisfactory CO2 emissions

    5th CO2 emissions by country

    Energy & Economic statistics in Japan 2015

  • Unstable renewable energy

    Unstable renewable energy

The advantages of using hydrogen

  • High self-sufficient energy rate

    High self-sufficient energy rate

    Stable energy converted from renewable energy

  • Zero CO2 emission

    Zero CO2 emission

    Carbon-free, clean energy

  • Long term energy storage

    Long term energy storage

    High energy conversion efficiency, long term storage

The hydrogen demand in japan will increase rapidly during and after 2020. Image based on the Hydrogen Roadmap by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Toshiba's technologies for hydrogen energy

Toshiba's technologies for hydrogen energy